If a member dies while in service on or before the normal retirement date, the following benefit shall be payable from the fund:

In the instance where the member dies in service after the normal retirement date or were the employer fails to make the contributions which are required within the specified period, the claim would be repudiated and therefore a death benefit will not be paid.

Payment of the death benefit is made in terms of section 37C of the Act.

Notification Period:

A formal written claim together with all the information required by the Trustees or the administrators shall be lodged within six months from the date of the members date of death and relevant documentation or particulars required in respect of such claim shall be submitted within twelve months from the date of the members death failing which the benefit shall not be payable.


The insured portion as at members death and the sum of his fund credit as at disinvestment date.

Required document:

  • Claim Form
  • Deceased member certified ID copy
  • Death Certificate
  • DH1663 Form
  • Nomination of beneficiary form
  • Beneficiaries certified ID copies
  • Beneficiaries Bank statements