A member shall be classified as totally and permanently disabled if the Trustees receive notification from the employer and satisfactory medical evidence that he has become totally and permanently incapable of engaging in his own normal occupation or in any other occupation for which, in the Trustees opinion, he could be reasonably considered capable of engaging by virtue of his training and general experience for remuneration or profit.

Notification period:

A written claim together with the information required by the Trustees should be lodged within six months after the day during which the member was at work attending to his normal duties and relevant documentation should be submitted within nine months from the aforesaid date, failing which the benefit shall not be payable.

Required documents:

  • Certified ID copy
  • Bank Statement
  • Claim Form
  • Employer declaration
  • Employee declaration
  • Confidential medical report
  • Job description
  • Leave records for the preceding 2 year period
  • Medical certificates relating to the members condition
  • Copy of test results
  • Pay slip as at date of disability


A member shall be entitled to a lump sum benefit of the insured portion as at members disablement plus his fund credit payable as at the disinvestment date.