CCNPF Contributions during Lockdown


As a member of the Contract Cleaning National Provident Fund you are already well on your way to saving for your retirement.  Membership of the Fund also provides you with death, disability and funeral benefits.

Every month your employer deducts a percentage of your wages/salary as a contribution to the Fund. This percentage is stipulated in the Rules of the Fund. The minimum percentage is 5.25%.  You can see this deduction on your payslip. In addition your employer also contributes 5.25% of your wages to the Fund every month.

All your own contributions are allocated towards your retirement savings.

The cost of risk benefits i.e. death, disability and funeral are deducted from the employer’s contribution and the balance is allocated towards your retirement savings.

Retirement savings are invested by the Fund over the term of your membership. The interest earned through this investment is added to your retirement savings (fund credit) in the form of a bonus declaration.


The Employer will deduct monthly from the employee’ basic salary/wages a certain percentage which is stipulated in the Fund rules. The percentage to be deducted from the salary is set hereunder:

Member contribution: minimum 5.25% of member’s monthly pensionable salary.

Employer contribution: minimum 5.25% of member’s monthly pensionable salary.

Total contribution: 10.5%

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